About Us


The Club

The Waynesborough Model Railroad Club has been located in Goldsboro, North Carolina since 1982. The club provides both individual and family memberships. The club owns some modules and equipment, most of the equipment is owned by individual members.  There are areas for personal storage, workshops, and railway expansion. This is a great place to learn the secrets of railroad layout design, modeling, etc.  Tuesday’s evenings are dedicated to normal work sessions, with the 3rd Tuesday of each month used as a business meeting. Members are also provided additional access to enjoy the club layout and other areas. The club provides on-site presentations during the year, using its separated modular (traveling) railroad layout within the community. Members often travel together to attend local and regional train shows through out the year.

The Layout Information

The club has approximately 300 ft of main layout with 2 main lines.  It is approximately 20’ X 56’ in a walk around layout design.  It includes 2 main switching yards, tunnels, bridges, several local spurs, towns, city and an independent mountain railway.