Clubs History

Sometime in 1981, Lonnie Greene posted a flyer at Someplace Else business, asking who was interested in starting a model railroad club. The business was located in the Sunrise Shopping Center in Goldsboro, North Carolina. 

The following members; Richard Greene, Joey & Henry Garris, Terry Johnson, Warren Bishop, Shelby Skelton, Don Smith and Lou Graves met at Lonnie Green house for approximately a year to form the club.  

The name of the club was chosen to represent the original settlement which was Waynesborough North Carolina. This was before the town of Goldsboro was built. On September 7, 1982, the Articles of Incorporation of Waynesborough Model Railroad Club, Inc was filed and approved by the State of North Carolina as a non-profit corporation. On August 17, 2007, the club received its’ 501 ( c ) (3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. 

The club began looking for a location to build a layout and had looked at different places in Goldsboro. None of these locations were suitable. After looking one location, George Hodges, a local business man, showed them an empty business at 103 North James Street, in Goldsboro. That location met the clubs’ needs and the layout was started along with modular for displays.  

During this time period, the club had a loose relationship with the model railroad club in Wilson North Carolina. Over the years, the club had the modular setup at locations to show the public the model railroad hobby. This included locations at the Berkeley Mall, churches, schools and town events.   

After being at 103 North James Street which was on the second story, the club decided to look for a location located on the first floor. This was to make it easier for public access. The current location, 118 West Mulberry St, Goldsboro was found in September 2007. The club was moved and the part of the layout was rebuilt for the larger location. In 2009, a club member bought the building as an investment. The club is still at this location.